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The forename 'Cesidio' and surname 'Tallini'

Etymology of the forename 'Cesidio'

The forename Cesidio has nothing to do with the colour blue, because it is not really of Latin origin, and does not mean "pale", because it is not of Etruscan origin, and the meaning of Cesidio is probably a derivative of the words of a now dead language, but which in Latin derives its meaning from the words caedo and deus, meaning something like "To smash to pieces in the name of God".

It should be noted that by the first century aristocratic Roman men had three names (tria nomina): a praenomen, nomen, and cognomen. The praenomen was the personal name, and there were very few to choose from. The nomen was the name of the family or gens, and almost always ended in -ius. The cognomen could indicate the branch of the family within the gens or clan, or could be another given name, a nickname, or the town or tribal name of a provincial. The cognomen was not universal until about the first century BC. Well, Caesidius, the Latinised version of Cesidio, was a Roman nomen (the Roman nomen of the gens Caesidia) [1].

The Latin name Caesidius, in turn, derives from the Oscan Kaisidis (or Caisidis). The name Caesidius, like all aristocratic names ending in "idius", "iedius", or "edius", is of Sabellian language origin, the oldest epigraphic evidence coming from the Marsian area of the town of Trasacco in the 4th century BC.

Etymology of the surname 'Tallini'

Tallini is a typical surname of the Italian region of Lazio, particularly of the cities of Frosinone, Torrice, and Gaeta, and probably comes from the medieval Germanic name Tallo, which in turn derived from the medieval term Tallis (downstream), probably meaning that the founders of the cognomen were valley dwellers, maybe Swiss.

There are a substantial number of Tallinis in Italy, of course, and they are mainly concentrated there in the regions of Lazio and Molise, but the surname, despite the spread in the ancient Sabellian language area, seems to have origin among the Huns [2, 3].

Today there are also Tallinis in the United States, Argentina, France, and the United Kingdom. There are also Tallinis in other countries, like Canada, Germany, or Australia, but the numbers are fewer.