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10/05/1962 He is born in Jamaica Hospital, Queens County, at 05:30 Biel Mean Time (BMT) — 04.30 UTC/GMT. The date and time in the Cyberterra Mean Time (CMT) standard was N:26E1962@270.
07/1971 Moves to Italy to continue his education. He will reside in Italy for two periods of his youth, a total of 11 years. Has lived in the Province of Frosinone (Ciociaria) in the first 9 years, and in the city of Perugia in the second 2 year period.
11/1980 Returns to the US.
02/1981 Enters college in the US (Nassau Community College, Garden City, New York).
02/1982 Earns an American High School Equivalency Diploma (SUNY University at Albany, New York).
07/1984 Earns an Italian High School Diploma (Diploma di Maturità Scientifica) from La Scuola d'Italia "Guglielmo Marconi", the educational equivalent of the British General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level), the German Abitur, the Swiss Matura, the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, or US/Canadian Advanced Placement (AP) university student status in several subjects.
13/07/1984 Was cited in Il Progresso Italoamericano for having graduated from La Scuola d'Italia "Guglielmo Marconi".
10/1984-11/1986 Was enrolled in the Università degli Studi of Perugia, Italy as a medical student.
28/04/1987-02/07/1987 Was a Private First Class (PFC) in the United States Marine Corps (USMC), and stationed at Parris Island, South Carolina. Honorably discharged.
10/1993 Saw a UFO in broad daylight in the vicinity of Grumman while returning from work. He also saw a UFO years later at night. Personal quote: "I have seen UFOs twice so far in my life, and I thought that was very unusual. Then I read on the Internet the sincere testimony of a man who has seen UFOs thrice..."
26/06/1995 Begun his work at the ChaRosa Foundation Corporation (CFC) in Jamaica, New York. He will work with CFC until 06/1996, and then again from 03/1999 to 03/2003.
07/10/1995 His letter, "The Word of God," is published in America Oggi.
12/1995 Receives a Certificate in "Business Writing" from the New York City Department of Employment after completing a course.
18/02/1996 His letter, "The SYEP Program and Work for Youth," is published in America Oggi.
14/03/1996 The Queens Chronicle publishes an interview about his efforts to try to restore government funding for the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP).
22/03/1996 Started working as a Freelance Translator (English-Italian) for The Italic Way, the journal of the former Italic Studies Institute (now the Italic Institute of America). His first translation appeared in Issue XXV of 1996. Also created the original Aurora program course materials (cards and tapes) for the Institute.
08/05/1996 Given an award for his efforts in restoring Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) funding by the SYEP Contractors Coalition.
09/1996-09/1998 Worked as a Data Conversion Operator for the United States Postal Service (USPS).
24/11/1996 Becomes a Foster Parent by starting his sponsorship of Lê Thị Ty, a 5-year-old Vietnamese Girl from Quang Tri Province. He supported Ty and her family until she graduated from the program in 06/2007.
28/02/1997 Receives the National Library of Poetry "Editor's Choice" award.
16/04/1997 Honoured in the International Poetry Hall of Fame museum on the Internet.
04/05/1997 The words of his letter are cited in a shortwave radio broadcast as the script for a commercial about Switzerland and Swiss Radio International by Esther Niedhammer.
08/1997 Receives the International Poet of Merit Award and Medal from the International Society of Poets.
15/11/1997 Develops Cesidian class structure, and Cesidian Calendar is first used officially. A primitive form of the Cesidian Calendar was developed in 1993, and a more advanced form was already alive in 05/1996.
07/03/1998 Develops Tallinian Linguistic Classification System, and attempts to promote it through an Italian-American magazine, The Italic Way. Later, on 20/05/2002, he unsuccessfully attempts to promote the ideas through the New York Times.
23/03/1998 Stops smoking permanently. This was his third attempt to kick the habit.
17/11/1998 Founds The Tallini Family (TTF).
14/02/2000 Awarded a Diploma in Astrology/Parapsychology from Stratford Career Institute at the end of a long correspondence course.
22/05/2001 Founds the field of Bucksfanian Astrology.
17/11/2001 Founds the Kingdom of Bucksfan. Also founds the Cesidian Church.
09/12/2001 Founds Bucksfan University. Bucksfan University was permanently closed on 17/11/2007.
13/07/2002 Founds the Fifth World Council (5WC). The Fifth World Council was permanently closed on 24/02/2008.
08/09/2002 Founds the City of Cyberterra, the world's first virtual realm, which later became the world's first cybernetic realm.
05/03/2003 TTF-Bucksfan becomes first micronation on earth to own a working top-level domain (TLD), the .ttf.
23/05/2003 Becomes the owner of a class C /24 IPv4 Network (256 nodes).
12/07/2003 Publishes the Fifth World Declaration.
25/07/2003 Conceives the Jus cerebri electronici legal concept.
13/11/2003 Becomes an Honorary Alumnus of the University of California at Berkeley.
24/11/2003 Discovers Indigo-Fifth World parallels.
15/12/2003 Develops the Indigo racial concept.
02/02/2004 Discovers a real "Theory of Everything".
16/02/2004 Founds the field of Analytic Theology.
08/2004-10/2005 Worked as a Freelance Italian Curriculum Designer for National Learning Corporation. His freelance work for this Long Island publisher eventually produced the book, AP Italian (ISBN-10: 0-8373-6223-7), of which Cesidio Tallini is the de facto author.
16/09/2004 Returns to college by becoming a student of the University of Phoenix (was officially matriculated 07/09/2004).
30/09/2004 Sends first emails in the Public-Root (within same TLD, and to ICANN root), an alternative root nameserver system.
14/02/2005 Liliana M. Tallini, HMRD Cesidio Tallini's sister, passes away.
20/05/2005 Sends first emails from the Public-Root to third root (Echnaton).
01/06/2005 Sends first emails in the Public-Root (within different TLDs).
23/06/2005 The XIV Commandments are amended and perfected.
21/08/2005 Produces the first Fifth World (5W) postage — with the image of himself on the postage — by sending himself a postcard from Switzerland via a company on the Internet.
30/09/2005 Founds the Cesidian Root (and .ttf TLD is "born again"), an alternative root nameserver system.
02/12/2005 Virtually completes the Cesidian Calendar with the Montessori month reform. The Cesidian Calendar was already alive in 05/1996, and in official use in 11/1997, but has evolved through a series of modifications.
12/12/2005 Becomes a legally ordained Minister through Rose Ministries.
12/01/2006 Becomes a City of New York Registered Marriage Officiant.
14/01/2006 Becomes a Baron of the Principality of Sealand.
30/01/2006 Receives a PhD in Cyberanthropology honoris causa from Cosmopolitan University & Research Institute.
30/01/2006 Receives a Citation for his PhD in Cyberanthropology honoris causa above from the Hon. Michael A. L. Balboni, former Senator for New York State's 7th Senate District.
03/03/2006 Founds the Micronational Professional Registry (MPR) and becomes its first Member. The MPR later was merged in order to form Paradiplomatic Affairs (PDA).
31/03/2006 Founds the Fifth World Accreditation Agency (5WAA). The 5WAA later was merged in order to form Paradiplomatic Affairs (PDA).
20/04/2006 Cesidian Calendar reform is completed with the Jeuday spelling suggestion by linguist Adalbert Kowal.
05/08/2006 Becomes a Wikinfo Sysop (System Operator), and thus an Encyclopedia Editor.
08/08/2006 Founds the Centre for Cesidian Law.
19/08/2006 Publishes the first Micronational or Alternative Curriculum Vitae (CV).
20/09/2006 The Fourth World tribalisation concept is first wikified.
01/01/2007 Develops first 5W Toolbar (for Firefox and IE browsers).
13/01/2007 Develops Cesidian Credo and Rosary.
23/01/2007 Becomes a Knight of Justice of the Ordo Equestris Militiae Templi Deus Vult (OEMTDV), the Kingdom of Redonda's military order.
16/02/2007 Launches the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Fifth World Studies degree program at Bucksfan University, its first degree program ever. This program was not successful.
28/02/2007 Becomes a Saint James College (Chatham, Louisiana) Certified Professional Chaplain (CPC).
24/03/2007 Becomes the Grand Preceptor of the Overseas Priorate of the Ordo Equestris Militiae Templi Deus Vult (OEMTDV), the Kingdom of Redonda's military order.
17/04/2007 Is conferred the title of Bishop, and the Cesidian Church is granted an independent Church Charter by Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries, a non-denominational church.
30/04/2007 Receives a BS in Information Technology (with Honours) from the University of Phoenix.
20/06/2007 Founds the Fifth World Health Organisation (5WHO). The 5WHO later was merged in order to form Paradiplomatic Affairs (PDA).
16/07/2007 Invents the Print Monopoly (PM) mark, causing the birth of a new legal paradigm associated with it at the MPR.
22/07/2007 Develops the Enterprise Name (εν), the Enterprise Mark (εμ), and the MPR Patent (π), and their respective marks. Publishes the e-book Astrologia Bucrafaniana through the now extinct Micronational Productions.
27/07/2007 Receives a BSc in Contemplative Psychology from William Cullen Bryant University.
20/08/2007 Founds Independent Long Island (ILI) with the writing of a press release. This movement was not successful.
06/09/2007 LI Biz Blog, the Long Island Business News blog, publishes "Independent Long Island ... whatever that means"
10/09/2007 Becomes an Honorary Member of Knights Bachelor of the Sovereign Military-religious Order of Teutonic Knights Templars.
12/09/2007 Corey Kilgannon, a New York Times reporter, interviews Tallini for a feature article.
14/09/2007 G. Paul Burnett, a New York Times photographer, took pictures of Tallini for the feature article.
21/09/2007 Becomes a Church of Nobles of Present-Day Brethren (CNPDB) licensed Ecclesiastical Counselor when he receives his Clinical License of Authorization, after successfully completing William Cullen Bryant University's Contemplative Psychology Counseling Clinic course.
22/09/2007 The New York Times publishes the "What Has the Hamptons, 4 Airports and a Hankering for Independence?" article about ILI.
22/09/2007 Sophia Hall interviews Tallini over the phone, and the news of the birth of the new country of ILI is mentioned briefly on WCBS Newsradio 880, flagship radio station of the CBS Radio Network.
07/10/2007 After re-baptising the country of Myanmar with the name of Burma, and registering the Burma Internet Liberation Organisation (BILO) and the Burmese Network Information Centre (BNIC) organisations, Tallini creates a new .BU TLD, and declares war on Myanmar by "invading" its Internet!
08/10/2007 The openPR.com press release of the Burma story is published, and the news becomes a feature of Google News.
27/10/2007 Develops the list of Certified Terrorist Nations(εν), and EnenKio is the first nation placed on the list (openPR.com press release).
12/11/2007 Conceives the Jus cerebri humani and Jus humanae salutis legal concepts.
24/11/2007 Founds Saint René Descartes University.
13/12/2007 After urging support for the canonization of Descartes or Cartesius in November, he consecrates Descartes (openPR.com press release) as the Cesidian Church's first saint after a canonisation process.
25/12/2007 Becomes Chivalric Knight Commander, of the Chivalric Order of Saint Daniel The Prophet, Essene Orthodox Church.
27/12/2007 Becomes Noble Lieutenant of the Pontifical Military Guard, of the Pontifical Grail Guard of Holy See of Saint James The Just of Jerusalem.
19/01/2008 The www.ummoa and www.amomu domains came alive in the Cesidian Root, and with them Tallini founds the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA).
18/03/2008 Founds Live Nations.
20/04/2008 Founds the field of Cesidian Salubriology (originally "Cesidian Healing").
06/05/2008 With Cesidian Root officers he invades the .UM ccTLD in the Cesidian Root, i.e. United States namespace, and legally annexes the United States Minor Outlying Islands, and renames the islands the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago or UMMOA (openPR.com press release).
04/07/2008 At the end of a four-month Internet poll, he launches the .CW Commonwealth TLD in the Cesidian Root.
26/07/2008 Cesidian Root sells its first top-level domain (TLD), the .ANT TLD of the Government of Antarcticland.
25/09/2008 The book, A history of the future: Independent Long Island (ISBN-10: 1-59899-129-9), is published.
09/01/2009 Discovers Indigos-14 Commandments parallel.
28/01/2009 Co-founds the Trade Workers Registry (TWR) with Dr. Joe Warner.
11/02/2009 The term Cesidian Healing is replaced with the term Cesidian Salubriology, and the Salubriology School is launched.
20/04/2009 The Brooklyn Mail service is launched.
27/04/2009 Independent Long Island's first municipal corporation is born: Jamaica Square.
01/05/2009 The Independent Long Island movement and Tallini are mentioned in the article, Trying Again and Again to Secede in the New York Times.
06/05/2009 The Independent Long Island movement and Tallini are mentioned in the article, Should Long Island Become A State? in About.com.
06/05/2009 The Independent Long Island movement and Tallini are mentioned in the article, Разъединенные Штаты Америки (The DisUnited States of America) in the Московский Комсомолец (Moskovsky Komsomolets).
13/05/2009 Independent Long Island gains nickname of The Empress Stateεν.
04/06/2009 Founds the Fifth World Community Forum.
11/06/2009 Micronationalism becomes protoscience through the Tallini World Formula.
03/07/2009 Fifth World Health Organisation rejects findings of United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).
02/08/2009 Founds the Fifth World Wiki.
05/08/2009 The concept of Cyberterra Mean Time (CMT) or Cyberterra Meridian Time is introduced.
08/08/2009 The book, The Fifth World: Micronationalism on Steroids (ISBN-13: 978-1448663538), is published.
28/08/2009 Cesidian law jurisdiction concept launched.
17/10/2009 The book, All Religions Are Cults: And What a Few Good Priests, Monks, Rabbis and Mullahs Can Do About It (ISBN-13: 978-1449553555), is published.
22/10/2009 The City of Cyberterra becomes the episcopal see of the Bishop of Cyberterra, who is also the Primate of the Cesidian Church. The See of Cyberterra thus comes into existence.
22/11/2009 Starts "Obama should legalise micronations" petition at Change.org.
18/12/2009 The Cesidian Root extends its first level Italian TLDs with the introduction of the .ita e del .italiano TLDs. The .italiana TLD was already functional.
24/12/2009 William Cullen Bryant University introduces Diplomate's Degree (DD), Professional's Degree (PD), and Scholar's Degree (SD), and names them Progressive Degrees.
03/01/2010 Cyberterra terrestrial coordinates of 43°0'0" North and 15°0'0" East are established.
20/01/2010 Receives a PhD in International Law honoris causa from the Academy of Universal Global Peace.
16/02/2010 Fifth World calendric science makes a further advance.
17/02/2010 Cyberterra amateur radio call sign of IL6 is established. The IL6 call sign is the non-official one used for the Adriatic Sea islands of the Italian regions of Marche and Abruzzo.
18/02/2010 The UMMOA establishes its own user-assigned ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 code of XUM for its passports.
24/02/2010 It is discovered that Cyberterra is more than a virtual city when it is found out that the mathematical point on earth where Cyberterra is situated (43°0'0" N and 15°0'0" E) has been visited in the past by two Germans.
03/03/2010 Manufacture of the first UMMOA passports is completed.
07/03/2010 Cyberterra issues first municipal ID cards of the micronational community.
08/03/2010 Jamaica Square issues first municipal child ID cards of the macronational community.
10/03/2010 World's first Saint René Descartes silver medallion is made.
14/03/2010 Criteria of proof for pure virtual or hybrid territorial-virtual citizenship is established that is sufficient in any court of law.
15/03/2010 World's first Progressive degree awarded by William Cullen Bryant University.
04/04/2010 The Girlpeace environmental organisation is born.
22/04/2010-02/07/2010 Worked as an Enumerator for US Census 2010.
07/05/2010 The UMMOA sponsors its first cultural event, the cultural meeting "Art and Poetry of Life", which was successfully held at the Foundation "Siniscalco Ceci" in the city of Foggia, Italy.
18/05/2010 Italo F. Tallini, HMRD Cesidio Tallini's father, passes away.
19/05/2010 A Protocol of Reciprocity is signed between HSH Don Basilio Calì, the 77th Prince and Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem (Knights of Malta), and the HMRD Cesidio Tallini, Governor and Founder of the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA).
17/06/2010 World's first Scholar's Degree (SD) is awarded by Saint René Descartes University.
15/07/2010 Three students from Brooklyn College's Department of Television and Radio film part of a documentary on micronationalism at the home of the HMRD Cesidio Tallini's brother. Tallini was interviewed about Independent Long Island (ILI) and the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA), but he also spoke of various things such as the Tallini World Formula, the Cesidian Root, and the Cesidian Calendar.
04/08/2010 The Independent Long Island movement and Tallini are mentioned in the article, Activists aim to secede in Congress.org.
06/08/2010 The UMMOA's 14th national component came into being.
20/08/2010 A new word is born: diaxenospitia.
06/09/2010 A Treaty is signed between the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem (Knights of Malta), and the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA).
11/09/2010 Is appointed a Member of the Honorary Committee of ASCOM for the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani (BAT). ASCOM, which is an acronym for "ASsociazione COMmercianti", was formed in 1945, and was originally an association of merchants and shopkeepers. Today ASCOM, besides representing many operators in the commerce sector of the Italian economy, also represents businesses in the services, tourism, and transportation sectors.
04/10/2010 The Micronational Professional Registry (MPR) introduces MPR Categories (now called PDA Categories).
08/10/2010 Becomes a Baron of the Duchy of Carniola.
08/10/2010 As Norway braces for damage to its relations with China for giving the Nobel Peace Prize to human rights activist Liu Xiaobo, the Micronational Professional Registry adds Norway to its list of recognised sovereign states.
29/10/2010 Earns Introduction to Lean Thinking Certificate from Long Island Forum for Technology (LIFT).
09/11/2010 Oasi Città Aperta (OCA), an original non-profit district, becomes a member of the MPR and the UMMOA.
23/11/2010 Earns National Work Readiness Credential from National Work Readiness Council.
21/12/2010 A "Declaration in lieu of Certification of Citizenship", valid under Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Montevideo Convention, Italian law, and UMMOA law, is received via Express Mail International by President Giorgio Napolitano.
07/01/2011 Launches the Great Pacific Garbage Patch Treaty (GPGPT) initiative.
30/01/2011 The Micronational Professional Registry (MPR) launches the MPR Department of Vital Statistics, and starts the Statistics of Micronations (Fifth & Sixth World) web page.
31/01/2011 Starts the "Richiesta di riconoscimento di cittadinanza alternativa" petition at PetizioniOnline.it.
11/02/2011 Cesidian law reaches Siberia.
03/03/2011 An ILI realpolitiks policy is enacted.
04/03/2011 The ummoa.info and ummoa.biz domains come to life.
07/04/2011 The Micronational Professional Registry creates 3 new entities.
10/05/2011 New UMMOA top-level domain organisation goes into effect.
29/05/2011 In late May a real prince joins the Micronational Professional Registry. This development, in turn, causes the registration and incorporation of Micro State and its six higher order de facto and/or de jure nations.
02/06/2011 Birth of 'Fifth World English'. Today it is known as UMMOA English (en-ummoa): lexicon.
10/06/2011 The Cyberterra dollar (CTD) is born.
12/06/2011 The Micronational Professional Registry officially declares Peru "the world's only Fifth World sovereign state", and makes Peru the 23rd recognised sovereign state.
15/06/2011 The HMRD Cesidio Tallini discovers that the Age of Aquarius has already begun.
23/06/2011 Launches the Multi-Oceanic Garbage Patch Treaty (MOGPT) initiative.
26/06/2011 Launches the Space Debris Treaty (SDT) initiative.
30/06/2011 The need for a loan to fund a US self-sufficiency project, causes the birth of Fifth World microlending. Nobel Prize-winning Muhammad Yunus' Grameen Bank ideas can be expanded even to the First World, and even lead to the financing of otherwise impractical microloans.
08/07/2011 Ordained an Alternative Catholic Priest and appointed to the title of Bishop, with apostolic succession and lineage to Christ; also becomes a member of the Board of Bishops of the Universal Life Church World Headquarters.
11/07/2011 Is spiritually adopted into the Nemenhah Band and Native American Traditional Organization, and becomes a Nemenhah Medicine Man and a Minister of the Oklevueha Native American Church (NAC) of Sanpete.
12/07/2011 Premiers in the television series How The States Got Their Shapes, in the episode "Mouthing Off" (article).
22/07/2011 Cesidian Church is given a Congregational Affiliation with the Universal Life Church World Headquarters, and Tallini receives a Doctor of Divinity by Universal Life Church World Headquarters School of Theology (article).
23/07/2011 The Micronational Professional Registry officially declares Hungary "the world's second Fifth World sovereign state", and makes Hungary the 24th recognised sovereign state.
07/08/2011 Since 28 July 2011, the following micronational and royal TLDs have been introduced into the Cesidian Root:
20/08/2011 With a great suggestion of the Hon. Ilya Pakhomov, the UMMOA decided to claim an 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23th, and 24th national component. Therefore the UMMOA now claims the following disappearing islands: Ghoramara Island (India), Lohachara Island (India), Bedford Island (India), New Moore/South Talpatti (India/Bangladesh), Tebua Tarawa (Kiribati), Bikeman Island (Kiribati) and Abanuea (Kiribati) [article].
22/08/2011 Since 17 August 2011, the following micronational TLDs have been introduced into the Cesidian Root:
11/09/2011 The République du Kabinda (República de Cabinda) and the Frente de Libertação do Estado de Cabinda (FLEC) conclude a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA). Kabinda and the UMMOA have mutually recognised one another, and will support each others claims in the areas of technical, political, financial, and multilateral cooperation.
11/09/2011 With the seas claiming greater and greater areas of both lowland territories and islands, the UMMOA, as a signatory of both the GPGPT and MOGPT treaties, decides to claim a 25th national component, the Banc du Geyser (now known as Geyser Reef).
14/09/2011 The UMMOA as a state became an Associate Member of the Organization of Emerging African States (OEAS) and as an international organisation it became a Consultative Agency to the OEAS Secretariat on the matter of the Oceanic Biome (article).
18/09/2011 The aquaponics system Tallini at least in part funded with a Fifth World microloan at the end of June 2011, is reported up and running! (article, video)
20/09/2011 The National Anthem of the UMMOA is first officially played.
29/09/2011 The UMMOA Treasury goes over the 1,000 Cyberterra dollars (CTD) mark for the first time.
09/10/2011 The Fifth World Agricultures Technologies and Solutions (5WATS) website is born.
12/10/2011 Militant micronationalism begins to comes alive (article).
16/10/2011 The Intermicronational World (IW) website is born.
23/10/2011 A major improvement in Fifth World political science is made (article).
01/11/2011 Upon certification by the Examining Committee of the Law Society of Kabinda, the HMRD Cesidio Tallini was admitted as an Advocate, and is now authorised to practice before all the Courts and Tribunals of the Republic of Kabinda. In other words, the HMRD Cesidio Tallini is now an attorney-at-law within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Kabinda, who can function in both the roles of solicitor and barrister.
26/11/2011 World's first Fifth World culture centre (article).

The following micronational TLDs, and new domains under old TLDs, have been recently introduced into the Cesidian Root:

05/12/2011 The Cesidian Root activates the .boho and .bct TLDs. The http://crt.io/crtdomains.html domain now shows all major Cesidian Root alternative domains.
11/12/2011 The Cesidian Root activates the .africa TLD.
27/12/2011 The Cesidian Root and Saint René Descartes University are granted Consultative Status with the Organization of Emerging African States (OEAS).
09/01/2012 The Micronational Professional Registry (MPR) becomes the first micronational organisation to launch the idea of Moral Sponsorship (Italian: Patrocinio Morale), and the UMMOA, and two other special nations, are granted Moral Sponsorship of the Micronational Professional Registry.
23/01/2012 Is appointed Communications Director for the Organization of Emerging African States (OEAS).
02/02/2012 During the 7th Meeting of the Committee on NGOs, held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, the Chamber of Computer Logistics People Worldwide (CCLP Worldwide) was recommended for Special Consultative Status. This development became possible after CCLP Worldwide's Special Representative Cesidio Tallini managed to overcome to the persistent objections of the Distinguished Representative of Pakistan on the night of 1 February 2012.
03/02/2012 Receives a Doctor of Theology by the Universal Life Church World Headquarters School of Theology.
21/02/2012 A new word is born: dinsystem.
02/03/2012 Fox News publishes The Cesidian Root: A bizarre peek at the world wide weird.
08/03/2012 An UMMOA member claims a new Red Sea island. The island was baptised "Aphrodite Island" by the HMRD Cesidio Tallini.
24/03/2012 Tallini is appointed International President of the International Network of Bishops and Archbishops (INBA) by the Founder of the organisation, Bishop Godwin Osung.
25/03/2012 First course in Neoexistentialism and Fifth World Philosophy started at the Scuola Montedoglio of Saint René Descartes University.
30/03/2012 The Cyberterra Treaty becomes effective.
01/04/2012 The first Consensus AMOMUS is published.
09/04/2012 The Governor of the UMMOA launches the SIGNOR Games, the first well-organised and multidisciplinary games for non-States on Italian soil. This project was not successful because Italian residents either failed to contribute to the effort, or practised long term deception and fraud in place of hard work. The SIGNOR effort was disbanded, and the website was made inoperative on 27 January 2013. The HMRD Cesidio Tallini reserves any and all associated intellectual property rights.
05/05/2012 OEAS recognises 10 new UMMOA claims.
23/05/2012 The book, I Giochi SIGNOR: Sport Integrati e Giochi delle Nazioni, Organizzazioni e Religioni (ISBN-13: 978-1477493144), is published.
03/06/2012 A gentleman became the first person to voluntarily pay UMMOA taxes.
12/06/2012 The UMMOA makes itself at home in the .TF ccTLD.
13/06/2012 Tallini is appointed a Voting Member of the Electoral College of Bishops of the Universal Life Church World Headquarters.
18/06/2012 Cesidian Root DNS technicians successfully divide the Internet version of the Southern Ocean.
03/07/2012 Tallini is appointed International Ambassdor and United Nations Representative of the Universal Life Church World Headquarters.
27/12/2012 Tallini was made Ambassador at Large of Antarctica and Unrepresented or Underrepresented Polities for The Multipurpose Inter-Parliamentary Union (TMIPU).
31/12/2012 Tallini was appointed Interim Deputy Minister of Information for the Republic of Cabinda (Kabinda).
27/01/2013 The SIGNOR project was not successful because Italian residents either failed to contribute to the effort, or practised long term deception and fraud in place of hard work. The SIGNOR effort was disbanded, and the website was made inoperative on 27 January 2013. The HMRD Cesidio Tallini reserves any and all associated intellectual property rights.
21/02/2013 Ryamecah Declaration of Indigenous Independence (ISBN: 1482510553) published.
26/02/2013 ICC responds to UMMOA complaint as it would to any other subject of International law.
18/03/2013 BCT appointed Nations without States (NwS) representative for the UMMOA.
15/04/2013 StRDU 2013 Nobel Peace Prize recommendation (and SD degree) welcomed.
22/04/2013 Cesidian Root and BCT mentioned in 'France Culture Plus' radio programme on micronations.
25/04/2013 Cesidian Root introduces Raspberry Pi server running in a datacenter.
26/04/2013 BCT notes "Ryamecah Declaration" is available in China.
01/05/2013 BCT verifies anthropologist John H. Moore's "magic number" of people (approx. 154) required for successful colonisation of space is correct; it is the minimum number of people required to start a cities, microstates, and developing countries (Second World nations).
12/05/2013 BCT verifies validity of Tallini World Formula in both progressive and regressive ways.
01/06/2013 Memorial Mass offered for Giuseppina Lisi (1931–2013).
07/06/2013 Paradiplomatic Affairs (PDA) launched (article).
14/07/2013 The Chancellor of Saint René Descartes University was made Professor of Open Source Multidimensional research at Holon Cinna University (certificate).
22/07/2013 UMMOA celebrates Quinquennial Anniversary of the juridical establishment of the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA); Special Mass of celebration offered.
24/07/2013 Pontinha starts a revolution (article).
29/07/2013 BCT launches DLCC Document Convention.
06/08/2013 UMMOA Foreign Ministry grants de facto recognition to the States of Brazil, India, and Costa Rica (website section).
11/08/2013 BCT signs Declaration of Rights for Cetaceans: Whales and Dolphins as an individual affiliated with the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA).
15/08/2013 BCT verifies validity of Cesidian Political Science in both progressive and regressive ways (link).
30/08/2013 Steps taken towards a more logical, legal, and natural Long Island (article).
03/09/2013 Hernicus (8ED) formally registered with Paradiplomatic Affairs (PDA).